Do you want to rock and roll all night and party every day? Then grab some of our KISS merchandise here to celebrate one of the most successful rock bands in the world. Our KISS merch allows you to don one of those famous face-painted visages on one of our range of KISS t-shirts, or indulge in a bit of roleplay with this KISS Demon balaclava. If you don’t want to go full Demon quite yet, check out our KISS hats and beanies! If you’re looking for KISS music, we have all the KISS albums on CD and vinyl, plus KISS DVDs such as The Story of KISS and Blu-rays such as KISS Rock Vegas so you can really get to know the men behind the facepaint

Since 1973, KISS have been gracing stages with crazy live performances, spectacular shows and their trademark black and white make-up. Simmons’ pointy tongue has become legendary, with the bass player presenting it to crowds to be met with huge cheers.

Albums such as Hotter Than Hell (available on CD and vinyl), Lick It Up and Revenge (CD | vinyl) embody true hard rock and will do for centuries to come. Anyone who’s seen these crazy New Yorkers live will know that even after forty years, they still know how to rock!

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