King Kerosin

Start your motors - King Kerosin comes rolling! Founder Mr. King Kerosin was born and raised in a working class environment in Mannheim, Germany. Later, he settled from his home country into the Land of the Free: good old America! Kerosin did not miss any Party or Rockabilly event. By day, he withdrew into his small garage in Bakersfield, California. For hours on end, he worked on his own hot rod. As time went by, a fabulous idea formed in is mind: He wanted to establish his own fashion label. Shortly, King Kerosin came into being. His first t-shirts were still sold in his garage in Bakersfield, but it did not take long until the insider label developed into a successful, no-holds-barred Rockabilly brand. Back in Germany, the founder opened a European head office for King Kerosin in Hockenheim. The US headquarters were maintained, however. True to the motto "More revs per life", King Kerosin offers you the best Rockabilly and Streetwear clothing you can get.

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