Fire up your falsetto vocals metalheads, EMP’s got a mighty haul of King Diamond albums that’ll leave you shrieking and howling with joy. Celebrate the work of heavy metal’s horror-loving artist with our collection of King Diamond albums. High-pitched lyrics, phenomenal songwriting and epic guitar shredding take centre stage on King’s CDs and vinyl. Don the face paint, spin the records and revel in the horror of it all with EMP’s King Diamond range.

With his chilling face paint, and falsetto shrieks so cold they could freeze your blood, King Diamond has become a legend in the hard rock scene. His sense of the theatrical, combined with an imposing stage presence, define his live performances. With ever-changing visual concepts, King Diamond gigs have always delivered high-quality metal alongside a gruesome stage show.

Behind the white make up mask, the King Diamond frontman is better known as Kim Petersen. Born in Denmark, he started his metal career singing in Mercyful Fate, his unmistakable falsetto cutting through the guitar riffs and high speed drum tracks like a chill wind. Several albums later, Petersen decided to put his work with Mercyful Fate on hold to pursue a solo career. Working with legends such as Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl and ScorpionsMikkey Dee, King Diamond also made appearances at key festivals - including Ozzfest in 2008.  Releasing a total of twelve studio albums during his career, King Diamond is just as prolific is he as talented; his discography is packed with timeless classics, concept stories and lots and lots of horror. Fatal Portrait, Abigail, Voodoo, The Puppet Master and Give Me Your Soul…Please are all must-have albums for any King Diamond fan.

In 2010, health issues forced King Diamond to go on hiatus. But just one year later, Petersen was back and celebrating his 30th anniversary as a live artist. Brandishing his trademark bone microphone he took to the stage, together with Metallica, in San Francisco and claimed back his rightful place amongst the metal greats. In June 2012, an official comeback at Sweden Rock Festival followed and didn’t disappoint.

Petersen has kept fans eager for Mercyful Fate’s return to the spotlight by saying he won’t rule out a reunion and tour. Meanwhile, King Diamond is still gigging around the world. Headlining at festivals in Brazil and Las Vegas, and stopping off in Mexico in 2017, it’s going to be a busy year for the falsetto king of heavy metal.

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