Uncompromising, heavy and deep-sounding Doom Metal from Sweden: Katatonia. The band has been around since 1991, influencing an entire genre. Katatonia' trademarks are easily perceptible: heaviness, depth and aggression. They are worshipped for their straightforward Doom Metal not only in their home country but all over the world. Bands from Sweden simply know how the hot stuff is forged, no doubt about that!

Releases like "Dance of December Souls", "Brave Murder Day" or "Viva Emptiness" are perfect representations of this style of music. Katatonia are damn good musicians who could handle their instruments even with blindfolds over their eyes. With the album "Dead End Kings", they ultimately proved how flexible they are. The songs mark a shift towards Depressive Rock, a genre that necessitates a lot more feeling. However, Katatonia don't disappoint either in this respect. Is there actually anything those Swedes are not capable of doing? If you like good, hand-crafted music, look no further than Katatonia. In our Katatonia EMP Online Shop, you find all their albums.

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