Justice League

The Justice League is a group of exceptional heroes. It was founded by no other than Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and the Martian Manhunter. In 1960, these superheroes, each of them successful in their own right, joined forces and appeared in the DC comic series "The Brave and the Bold". This team of very different heroes found many enthusiastic readers, so still in the same year, the Justice League got its own series.

Although Superman and Batman were founding members, they did not appear very often in the comics. Most of the time, they were not even on the covers. They probably always had better things to do. For this reason, the members of the League changed rather quickly. Green Arrow, Hawkman and The Atom joined the fold instead. Justice League operated out of a secret cave in the small, sleepy town of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. By the way, its first mission was to fight an oversized starfish. Admittedly, it was an intelligent alien life form named Starro that nevertheless only looked like a gigantic starfish. Throughout its career, the Justice League had to face considerably more cunning, crueller characters, amongst them a group of super villains that had been founded just to opposed them and was led by mastermind Lex Luthor. Apart from the fact that these characters have repeatedly saved the planet, we owe them existence of other teams of superheroes, meaning the Marvel series Fantastic Four and Avengers. DC Comics simply did fabulous groundwork, and after the movie project "Justice League" was shelved for more than ten years, it is finally realised now. "Justice League Part 1" hits the cinemas in 2017, part two will follow in 2019. Of course, you find fitting fan merch of these damn great heroes in our EMP Online Shop! Get the Justice League mug set for heroic breakfast moments or the Justice League shot glass set to celebrate heroic achievements.

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