Johnny Cash

His middle finger is known around the world, and everybody recognises the picture: it's Johnny Cash who gained world fame with this gesture during his performance in the San Quentin State Prison 1969, of course. But not only this gesture by Johnny Cash is unique - his Country music touched the hearts of millions of people when he was alive, and even after his death, it still is extremely significant. No matter if you're young or old: Johnny Cash is a captivating, fascinating artist. Be it the American Recordings series with songs like 'Hurt' by Nine Inch Nails, or "At San Quentin (live)", awarded with triple platinum: 96 albums and 153 singles between 1955 and 2003 are an impressive proof of his skills, not to mention all the awards and prizes. Cash is one of the most important musicians ever, already a legend when he was still alive. Not only his bold and blunt demeanour and his great music, but also his escapades, his drug addiction, and his life with his wife were a never-ending gossip source for the people. This hasn't changed with his death in 2003 - even today, any given music lover has his very own "Johnny Cash phase" - and some do fall for him forever! We don't get around Johnny Cash, too - and we don't want that either! Our shop offers a wide array of the musical works by Johnny Cash, and a lot of t-shirts and other merchandise, too!

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