The black gold from Wolfenbüttel, Germany: Jägermeister is not like any herbal liqueur, but THE one herbal liqueur. If you ever saw an American band on tour, you know that Jägermeister is an essential part of their baggage - and what's essential on tours is also essential at festivals, of course. Jägermeister can be seen as the German equivalent to American bourbon, a comparison the distillers definitely live up to.

The fact that Jägermeister rocks hard is proved by the annual Jägermeister Rock:Liga in Germany. This "Rock League" is namely a band contest organised by Jägermeister - cool idea. As said, Jägermeister is also always present at festivals. It simply tastes best in a huge log cabin, and remember the Jägermeister toast when you visit the roaring stag next time around:

"It is the hunter's honour to protect and preserve his game, hunts sportsmanlike and honours the Creator in His creatures."

Of course, we at EMP have plenty of Jägermeister merchandise in our EMP Jägermeister Online Shop. You can find the legendary stag printed on shirts or pullovers. For the hottest among you, we also have a Jägermeister Zippo - really good. So put on a shirt and party hard with the Jägermeister stag - but drink reasonably, okay?

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