When it comes to getting the latest and best In Flames merchandise, we at EMP are as prolific as this revered Gothenburg foursome are at releasing blinding heavy metal. From In Flames t-shirtsand hoodies to hats, bags, and patches and a whole host of EMP-exclusive In Flames merch such as this fantastic In Flames hockey jersey, this is a range that devotees will love. But it it doesn’t end at clothing; order the EMP-exclusive Battles CD & 2-LP boxset and you’ll get the hit 2016 album and two coloured LPs (all including exclusive bonus tracks), a slip mat, sticker, 12” poster,  certificate of authenticity and more. If you’re looking to enjoy something from every In Flames era, check out In Flames 1993-2011, a boxset which comprises of everything from 1994’s Lunar Strain to 2011’s Sounds of a Playground Fading (also available individually as a CD, CD & DVD digipakand limited edition CD & DVD digipak containing belt buckle and puzzle) in expertly remastered sound quality across 13 vinyl discs.

Prolific is an understatement when it comes to In Flames, who on average have released a studio album just over once a year since 1994’s Lunar Strain. Masters of the infamous Gothenburg metal scene, and known for their melodic take on doom-filled discordance, In Flames have garnered an enviable reputation for combining harmonious chords with blood curdling vocal delivery, marking them out as truly unique within their canon.

Laying claim to a staggering oeuvre that confirms their status not just as one of Sweden’s biggest acts of all time, but one of the hardest working guitar outfits you’ll find in any corner of the globe, In Flames have toured relentlessly since their inception in 1990, proving time and again that they belong in upper echelons of live acts, commanding dedicated crowds at shows and festivals the world over.

Want to show your support for this titans of Swedish heavy metal? Bag some of our fantastic In Flames merchandise today.

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