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In Extremo are masters of their craft, meaning Medieval Rock. Michael Rhein - calling himself "The Last Unicorn" - and his band are without any doubt forerunners and belong to the few German Rock groups that became hugely successful. With lyrics set in old times and archaic instruments, they created a sound that made this type of music accessible for many listeners. The combination modern instruments and those of medieval origin, partly hand-crafted by the members, were to become In Extremo's trademark. Appearances on big national festivals and large audiences at concerts could only be topped by In Extremo's number one chart position, which they achieved with the album „Sængerkrieg“ for the first time. This wasn't the end of their success, however. It is ongoing and apparently unstoppable. „Sterneisen“ neatly lived up to their initial success and is also a musical milestone for In Extremo. If you know how enthusiastic and passionate In Extremo are on stage, you have become a fan by now anyway. Of course, our EMP Shop offers In Extremo's musical milestones as well. Beyond that, we have shirts and hoodies waiting for you to grab them.

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