Immortal are one of the most important purveyors of Norwegian Black Metal even though they themselves consider this categorisation as inappropriate. Immortal rather see themselves as "Holocaust Metal" or "Dark Fantasy Metal". The latter makes sense insofar as the band created a fictional empire called Blashyrkh and kept referring to it in countless songs. Abbath and Demonaz invented a world of hate dominated by eternal cold, ice and winter. Immortal's domain was ruled by raven god "Mighty Ravendark", who got mentioned on the album "Battles In The North" for the first time. Still, even previous works like "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" and "Pure Holocaust" already showed Immortal's idiosyncrasy. Hardly any other band has found so much acclaim since their beginnings, so when Immortal split up in 2003, the Black Metal scene lost one of its figureheads. For this reason, fans were delighted when in 2006, Immortal announced a Wacken performance for the following year. The fact that after Immortal's reunion, only one new album came out, becomes almost negligible in this context.

Although the future is uncertain, we love Immortal and offer shirts and merchandise articles such as patches in our shop.

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