If you are searching for great Death Metal, look no further than Illdisposed from Denmark. They have been around since 1991, releasing one hellish record after another - pure Death Metal and massive brutality. Still, the band's main focus is not high tempo but a moderate and no less furious pace, which is particularly effective in a live setting - brooding, deep and damn evil.

Their first demo "The Winter of Our Discontent" already left an impression by sidestepping genre clichés. Since then, the Danes have released albums almost annually, all belonging into any well-assorted record collection. Each riff, each tone expresses pitch-black darkness and draws you deeper into Illdisposed's world. Even after more than 20 years, they manage to write real burners like "Sense The Darkness", another great album. If you love Illdisposed like we do, check out our EMP Illdisposed Online Shop. We have Illdisposed shirts and albums there. Metal horns up!

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