Hypocrisy CDs and Blu-ray

Hypocrisy can be seen as the outlet of a creative man who never lost his sense of humour. You won't find a better or more fitting description for the Swedish band of renaissance man Peter Peter Tägtgren. Founded in the small town of Ludvika in 1990, Hypocrisy were a breath of fresh air in the Death Metal scene for many fans. While critics thought they were only one of many pastime activities because Tägtgren also worked as a producer and started his second project Pain, this assessment was way off the mark. Albums such as „Virus“ or „The Arrival“ and older stuff like „Abducted“ or „The Final Chapter“ show that Hypocrisy are definitely more than a side project or half-hearted affair. Hypocrisy have developed and are one of the hottest Death Metal bands now, whether you confine them to Peter or not. Later records like „A Taste Of Extreme Divinity“ and particularly „End Of Disclosure“ are proof for this fact. No compromises and no fillers, just songs cementing the status of this group, which never shies away from new influences while remaining on their own path with everything that comes with that.
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