"You are making me very angry!" When these words were spoken, you better took cover, because a visit by the Incredible Hulk was pending. A green giant unifying the unfavourable traits of small intelligence, low self-control and massive destructiveness, the man behind this hero with the unique temper was brilliant nuclear scientist Bruce Banner. He got exposed to great amounts of gamma radiation, resulting in his conversion into Hulk whenever he got angry. Then he unleashed his fury. Awesome, isn't it?! The whole nine yards. Today we primarily associate Hulk with his green skin although this unbelievable thing was actually grey at first. Stan Lee gave in to the complaint of his colourist back then, allowing him to depict Hulk in green. Fortunately enough, for who knows if he had risen to the pantheon of comic superheroes otherwise? So far, there have been a successful TV series, two films for the big screen and of course Hulk's appearances in the great Avengers movies, where he, amongst other things, beats the shit out of some god, which made us all laugh heartily.

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