Heaven Shall Burn Band Merchandise and CDs

Heaven Shall Burn from the small Thuringian town Saalfeld have been rolling the Metal drum for 15 years now and are louder than ever! There are few German bands that can match Heaven Shall Burn's contemporary appeal. Each album since their debut „Asunder“ has been a breath of fresh air for Metal, seeing the group on stages everywhere. At the latest with „Antigone“ and „Deaf To Our Prayers“, they have become an internationally respected capacity. Songs like „Forlorn Skies“ leave nothing but scorched earth in their wake. Audiences turn into huge circle pits, and the term Wall Of Death gets an entirely new meaning. Heaven Shall Burn have remained down-to-earth and close to their fans, which makes them the more likeable. In the end, this is only tallying the B-score, but the band has reached the highest possible A-score anyhow. As Heaven Shall Burn never stagnate, we can look forward to another 15 years of excitement. They are ready, and we are, too. In our EMP Shop, you find everything you need as a fan of this fabulous band.

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