German Rock has definitely become better thanks to Haudegen. The two Berliners Hagen Stoll and Sven Gillert have their hearts in the right place and are never at a loss for words. Coming from Rap music, they tend to write poetic lyrics for songs that must be categorised as Rock. The album „Schlicht & Ergreifend“ (2011) was Haudegen's debut and a big success, with 20 songs people couldn't get out of their heads once they had heard them. Predominantly rocking with some elements from Jazz, Haudegen are a fascinating act with honest, credible lyrics inspired by everyday experience. Their nostalgic look makes for a complete artistic picture. Positive feedback proves them right, and gutter poetry has become the new consensus. The charm Haudegen displayed on the follow-up „En Garde - Die letzten unserer Art...“, which took the fans by storm only one year later, was undeniable. Haudegen took their music still further: Even a burger was named after them, the result of an idea the two had hatched on tour when asked how their favourite burger should look like.
Our EMP Shop doesn't offer burgers but a lot of merchandise by Haudegen. Also, you can find the band's albums there for your listening pleasure.

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