Harley Davidson

The definite epitome of freedom and daring adventures: Harley Davidson. The iconic motorcycle manufacturer from Milwaukee has been fulfilling dreams of chrome and leather since 1930. Harley Davidson machines belong to America like the Statue of Liberty in New York. Every motorcyclist knows the company, and practically all people love it. Isn't this your dream as well, riding along Route 66 on a lush Harley, just leaving everything else behind? Good, old Rock music in your ears while the great wide open is your only goal - goosebumps, right? Wouldn't you give the shirt off your back for a Harley, too? We totally understand that, because in all honesty: Everybody wants to ride these bikes. They are absolutely insane, simple as that. Iconic, fast and beautiful, but their sound tops everything else. It's music in our ears. So have we put you in the mood now? Harley Davidson gives you the thrills that are necessary in everyday life - even if you don't own a machine yourself.

We cannot offer you a Harley Davidson motorcycle but have great Harley Davidson merchandise in our EMP Harley Davidson Online Shop. For example, you can find original Harley Davidson leather boots there. They are resilient and still look damn good - the perfect fit for your next biker tour. For your garage at home, we also have a Harley Davidson poster, which at once evokes more of a cult ambience. It is freedom you can put on the wall, so to say. Start your motors and embark on your personal adventure. You will never regret it.

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