Gamma Ray

One unique German band has repeatedly reminded us of the fact that the stalwarts of Heavy fucking Metal don't come from the US only. Ladies and gentlemen: Gammy Ray! The band has been around since 1989 and keeps releasing extraordinary albums that force you to bang your head. No frills, just honest and snotty Heavy Metal played by real musicians - a real treat!

Albums like"Heading For Tomorrow" or "Land Of The Free" keep spinning in our offices, but is such a band still able to deliver in-your-face stuff in the 21st century? Gamma Ray are for sure!

Their eleventh album "Empire Of The Undead" harked back to their golden years. It featured strong songs throughout, conveying the familiar Heavy Metal feeling of old. If you love Gamma Ray like we do, have a look at our EMP Gamma Ray Shop. We offer shirts, the band's albums and much more. Cheers!

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