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Queen Elsa of Arendelle is not only a kick-ass princess, she’s the leading character in a movie that inspired Disney to abandon the traditional and stereotypical image of what princesses should be. Frozen’s lead doesn’t need to wait for an unreliable prince to save her, and not just because she has supernatural powers that enable her to control ice and snow. Tormented by her awesome powers, Elsa hides herself away in a bid to learn how to control them. But when her younger sister Ana embarks on a search to find Elsa with friend Kristoff and cheerful Olaf in tow, it’s sisterly love, not a man, that saves the day in the end.

Frozen represented a lot of firsts for Disney – Elsa is the first princess over the age of 20 and the first to be crowned a queen onscreen, while Ana became the first Disney princess to sing a duet with a villain. Along with loveable sidekick Olaf, the sisters made Frozen the most successful animated movie in history. In fact, Norway, the country that served as inspiration for the icy landscape of Arendelle, became a favourite travel destination thanks to the popularity of the movie. Now, if only we could get the catchy tunes of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” and “Let It Go” out of our heads!

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