Fallout is a true gem of the 90s. The first Fallout game was published in 1997 and has become a real classic. It's the perfect mixture of adventure und black humor, something gamers can really appreciate. The player finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world which has been completely destroyed by a nuclear war in 2077. The people that did not die in the war were exterminated by a fallout. A few thousand people managed to flee into a system of bunkers (vaults) just in time, escaping the consequences of war. Some people even managed to survive on the surface of the earth and tried to establish a new civilization. In 2161, a computer system fails in Vault 13 and the survival of all inhabitants is at stake. The player is released into this post-apocalyptic world in order to safe them all.

Fallout 4

The newest part of the series is entitled "Fallout 4" and was just released, once again chaining an entire generation of gamers to their PCs and consoles. The story takes place in the year 2287 in the area of Boston and parts of New England. The game itself begins on the day of the original disaster on October 23rd 2077, offering a lot of the story of prior events.

Well, as the game states: "War never changes" Don't worry though, the EMP online shop on the other hand will always be updated and altered. Of course, there's plenty of Fallout merch for you. We are offering shirts, poster, a whole lot of accessories and even a Fallout Monopoly game in order to get you in the right mood for your next Fallout session and a possible apocalypse. Aren't we all a little bit... BLAMMO!?

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