So hot and fast: Old school Thrash Metal could only emerge from a few places such as the Bay Area in the sunny state of California. Bands like Death Angel, Autopsy, Heathen, Metallica and of course Exodus were founded here. They like no other groups embody the early stages of Thrash as we know and love it today. Exodus have been around since 1981, destroying everything that gets into their way. Their trademark is simply put old school Thrash Metal with fast-paced riffs that kick you in the teeth.

Among their founding members was no other than Kirk Hammett, who has long since moved to Metallica as lead guitarist. Exodus are arguably the inventors of the entire genre, as they were one of the first groups to play that fast. Albums like "Bonded By Blood", "Pleasures of the Flesh" or "Fabulous Disaster" made a huge impact on the Metal scene at large. Colleagues like Death Angel or Testament refer to Exodus as major inspiration, which is no wonder; after all, the band delivers the goods with every album. If you like old school Thrash Metal that goes straight between the eyes, you should definitely check out our EMP Exodus Online Shop. We have Exodus CDs there.

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