Entombed A.D.

After guitarist Alex Hellid quit, the Swedes simply continue with a new moniker, swinging their Death Metal hammer and travelling the world. With their atmospheric and groovy songs, they bust your balls and dominate stages everywhere, thanks to an old school attitude, of course.

How could you forget old masterpieces like „Left Hand Path“ or „Wolverine Blues“? They belong into every collection of heavier music. The album „Back To The Front“ is another proof for the fact that the group stands at the top of the league. Weird riffs are meandering through a familiar setting of sick and furious lyrics, which makes for a true aural massacre. Singer L.G. Petrov's barking voice rounds it up to perfection. The Swedes also play impressive concerts. Even after decades, you still feel their enthusiasm – That's how it should be!

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