Richard Kruspe is simply a helluva musician! With Rammstein, he revolutionised and entire genre and travelled around the world, but his thirst for great music is still not quenched. His side project Emigrate stands for opulent Heavy Metal - hand-crafted, of course. The self-titled debut (2007) earned recognition far beyond Kruspe's Berlin circles. A dark ambience just goes along very well with electronics and Metal guitars. Unsurprisingly, the second album "Silent So Long" turned out to be a true monolith. With guest musicians like Marilyn Manson, Jonathan Davis or Lemmy Kilmister, Richard Kruspe left nothing to coincidence.

If you like Rammstein, you will adore Emigrate, so put their records on and look forward to an acoustic battle of down-tuned guitars with pitch-black atmosphere. In our EMP Online Shop, you find Emigrate shirts and CDs.

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