Keep yourself warm, for the Eisbrecher (ice breaker) is on his way. The band Eisbrecher has been around since 2002 to revolutionise the German Electro Rock scene. Their lyrics in particular are worth reading. This is not surprising, as singer Alexx comes from Megaherz. Apart from being strong musicians, the boys already showed a lot of humour on their first album "Eisbrecher", which is full of crunchy guitar riffs as well as equally soft and harsh Electro sounds - a real smasher, to be sure!

The follow-ups "Eiszeit" or "Die Hölle muss warten" deliver the goods as well and belong into every collection of heavier music. If you love electronically-tinged German Rock, Eisbrecher are a must for you. In our EMP Eisbrecher Online Shop, you find all Eisbrecher CDs.

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