Weird technical shit that sounds damn good - This might be the proper description for the style of DragonForce. These guys are incredible musicians, literally violating their instruments, and tempos beyond 250bpm are no problem for them. The Englishmen enjoy displaying their technical abilities on the fretboard for minutes on end: There's nothing easier for them than sweeping, tapping and scurrilous animal sounds.

But do DragonForce play their music only for other musicians? Not at all! Albums like "Valley of the Damned" or "Ultra Beatdown" show great songwriting which every Metal fan must love unconditionally - Power Metal, perfectly executed. Listening to their records makes it hard to believe that the members can also pull it all off on stage, but rest assured: They even rock harder in a live setting, what they do during performances is nothing but stunning. If you love Power Metal and DragonForce like we do, go ahead and visit our EMP DragonForce Online Shop. We have DragonForce shirts and records for you.

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