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Die Toten Hosen are the German figurehead of Punk. The boys from Düsseldorf are one of the few German bands that have left their indelible mark on music in German language. Always critical, always fierce, the gentlemen and their singer Campino have followed their Punk attitude since 1982 - and successfully so. Die Toten Hosen, sometimes also performing under the pseudonym Die Roten Rosen, belong to the most successful German bands ever. But the band has never forgotten about their concerns: offers from political parties were rejected, they wrote songs for sampler CDs against xenophobia, and Die Toten Hosen have never refrained from open discussions on the internet. But not only classics such as "Hier kommt Alex" from the album "Ein kleines bisschen Horrorshow" or the double album "Auf dem Kreuzzug ins Glück" are authentic, newer tracks like "Teil von mir" or "Tage wie diese" from the number one album "Ballast der Republik" have that appeal, too. Die Toten Hosen work any given stage: be it in Argentina in a small club or on the biggest festivals on European soil. And of course, they'll always show their love for their favourite football team, Fortuna Düsseldorf 1895. Die Toten Hosen are real Punk.

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