Devin Townsend Project

What do Steve Vai, Burton C.Bell and Jason Newsted have in common? They all consider Devin Townsend to be an absolute musical genius - which is also our opinion! Devin first appeared as lead singer of legendary guitarist Steve Vai, a musician who could not be any better. Devin went on to start a solo career with his first album "Strapping Young Lad" under the same name. Its successor "City" is viewed as one of his greatest milestones now - what a record!

The red thread leading through his albums? They deal with Devin's personal issues, which becomes obvious when you listen to the songs. On stage, Devin is an animal, and for this reason, fans affectionately call him "the mad scientist of Metal". After refraining from drugs and alcohol, he returned stronger than ever with the Devin Townsend Project in 2008. Albums such as "Ki", "Deconstruction", "Ghost" or "Epicloud" proved that he can make great music without the help of numbing substances. This man is indeed a musical genius, plain and simple! If you also feel this way, you should have a look at our Devin Townsend Project EMP Online Store. We have his CDs for you - Horns up!

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