DC Comics

The comic stories from DC are both strong and complex. Here's a quick summary for you: The studio was founded in the 1930s and started to implement parallel worlds in its stories during the 60s, thus creating the DC-Multiverse. It consisted of Earth-One to Earth-Six, Earth-S, Earth-X and Earth-Prime, each having its own version of every single superhero. So it's nine times Superman, nine times Batman, nine times Wonder Woman and so on. All heroes were travelling to and fro between worlds, meeting their alter egos, other heroes from their own world or parallel heroes. Very confusing, this was. At some point, the common reader could not follow any more, which was probably even the case with DC Comics themselves. This is why they discarded the Multiverse in the 1980s and made do with one single Earth. Apparently though, the comic authors got bored, as in 2005, they reactivated the Multiverse, this time with - believe it or not - 52 planets! On top of that, all DC series were restarted under the title New 52. All plots and time lines as well as the characters' backgrounds were completely changed and had nothing in common with the old comics. Of course, this was a possibility for the reader to once more accompany their favourite heroes from day one. Great idea!

DC Helden auf Leinwand

Moreover, DC gave us many great cine films, for example the Batman trilogy with Heath Ledger as Joker. No certifiable super villain has ever been so popular! Or take Man of Steel with Henry Cavill as Superman, who will also appear in Batman vs. Superman. DC has already announced future blockbusters such as Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Wo-hoo! These movies will be released one after another from 2016 until 2020, but fortunately, we can shorten the time with masterful series like Arrow, The Flash and Gotham. Also, we gladly help you to delve deeper into DC's multimedia Multiverse with our fan merch. Get some shirts, pullovers, pyjamas or bathrobes from your superheroes. You can also turn your room into the Batcave or Fortress of Solitude with our home accessoires. And of course we have all your favourite DC superheroes on DVD and Blu-ray. Have a fling!

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