Be it Death Metal, Black Metal, or Black'n'Roll - Darkthrone like to mix their styles and genres on their albums, reinventing themselves on each one. The result: the characteristic, mean Darkthrone sound that pierces itself into your brain, lingering there for a long, long time - the Norwegian way of Metal as we love it! Norway has become a stronghold of Metal due to bands like Darkthrone anyway: the combo is considered to be one of the founding powers of Norwegian Black Metal. Albums like "Soulside Journey", "A Blaze in the Northern Sky", or "Under a Funeral Moon" are just the basics for the brutal and typical Darkthrone sound brimming with gloomy, intense, and cold atmosphere. Now and then, you may see some tiny light at the end of the tunnel when the crazy guitar solo works kick in - until they explode in your ears, that is... These gentlemen definitely know what they are doing - always.

Darkthrone are absolutely frees spirits in the Black Metal scene - the word "standard" does not exist in their book. Each track is unique and somehow new. As a fan of sophisticated Black Metal, you should absolutely check out our EMP Darkthrone Online Shop: we have Darkthrone CDs waiting for you!

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