The man who doesn't know fear - that's Daredevil! As a youngster, Matthew "Matt" Murdock saved a blind man's life. In doing so, he was hit by a truck full of radioactive liquid. When he came into contact with it, he got blind himself while his remaining senses all of a sudden became keener than ever. He could even sense minute shifts in the atmosphere, for example before the weather changed or a mean villain materialised in front of him by means of teleportation. Almost as an aside, he is also a martial arts fighter and was trained by a real ninja master. Fabulous, this guy Matt, isn't he?! Originally, he wanted to use his powers only to take revenge on his father's murderer, but once he had started to play the hero game, he stuck to it. Thus, Matthew Murdock became Daredevil, at least after dark. By day, he is a renowned and successful New York lawyer, whom nobody would believe to be a masked hero.

Daredevil made his first appearance in the 1960s. Contrary to many other heroes, who at first guested in already established comics, Daredevil got his own series right away, which successfully continued for several decades. In 2003, the cine film, starring Ben Affleck, came out. In order to play Matt Murdock, the actor had to wear opaque contact lenses, making him indeed half blind. The movie flopped despite this authentic impersonation. In 2015, Marvel tried it again with a series. On April 10, streaming service Netflix made all 13 episodes of Marvel's Daredevil available together. The format became so popular that only eleven days after the release, a second season was announced. There we go! Fan merch for the successful comic and the well-received series is of course available in our EMP Online Shop. We have Daredevil t-shirts with the man who doesn't know fear. Or you can fetch the superhero home as Funko Pop! figure. It will surely keep all villains away from you, especially King Pin.

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