EMP bloody loves Cupcake Cult clothing. Breaking stereotypes and letting everyone fly their rebellious flag as high as they want, their clothes are pretty freakin’ awesome. Zombie bunnies, spiky handbags, monster hats and floaty dresses adorned with sick skull motifs; if that little taster doesn’t whet your appetite for some serious shopping, we don’t know what will. Get your mouse finger on the move and browse EMP’s morbid mall of Cupcake Cult hoodies, dresses, hats and bags.

Cupcake Cult clothing lets you stand out from the crowd with their simple style and colourful, crazy prints. Committed to making unique clothing for unique people - their signature looks harness something that’s equally cute and disturbing at the same time. Cupcake Cult is known for taking iconic characters from movies and games and zombifying them. You may encounter a half rotten Arielle vixen or a zombie Pikachu – we never saw that particular version in Pokémon! Their eye-catching and grotesque prints are available on t-shirts, hoodies and dresses - and there’s something for both girls and boys!

As well as twisted versions of your favourite pop culture icons, Cupcake Cult has got a few accessories up its sleeve that are a bit different too. You’ll find bags and beanies covered in studs, jester horns, ears and monstrous eyes. These items perfectly compliment the crazy and unusual clothes and make each outfit special.

So make sure you’ve got your ticket to the Cupcake Cult circus and join in the fun! Punks, goths and rockers will enjoy the show just as much as those whose wardrobe rarely strays towards the  mainstream. Get your unique look today at EMP and rebel in style with Cupcake Cult’s quirky approach to fashion.

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