We’re always in good supply of brilliant Clutch albums here at EMP, and tons of this Maryland stoner rock foursome’s biggest hits are available to order today on both CD and vinyl, including Robot Hive/Exodus on CD, a 2-LP- remastered rerelease of From Beale Street to Oblivion on vinyl, and plenty more. There’s live offerings as well as studio albums, too: it will take a lot to beat Clutch’s live performances on the Full Fathom Five: Audio Field Recordings vinyl, which covers five 2007-2008 gigs from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Colorado.

Launched in Germantown, Maryland in 1990, Clutch have been loved by fans but generally ignored by the press. Thankfully, this hasn’t stopped them creating some amazing albums with their unique mix of metal, stoner rock and alternative rock - hit albums from Clutch include Strange Cousins from the West, Earth Rocker (CD | vinyl) and Blast Tyrant (CD | vinyl). The band members have collected lots of stamps in their passports but they’re still on a roll, developing their music to add some interesting Blues elements which can be heard on their most recent release, Psychic Warfare (CD | vinyl). Despite the change in musical direction this band stays true to their roots - just another reason to love Clutch as much as we do!

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