Losing your shoe right before midnight doesn't mean you are Cinderella, but chances are that you're drunk. Only Cinderella herself gets the castle, the lush life, the prince - the entire package. All this only because of her shoe. In 1950, the Disney Studios released this old folk talke as a cartoon on screen. When it was produced, quite some time had passed since Disney's most recent blockbuster Snow White. Altough the movies in between had been okay, some of them had even caused financial loss (yes, we are talking about you, Fantasia!). This is why the budget for Cinderella was a bit tight. Do you remember the scene wherein Cinderella is literally drifting to the ball in this wonderful pumpkin carriage? Watching her drift was really nice, but in fact a cost-saving measure. Animating wheels without spokes and shadows was cheaper, yet despite these cutbacks, Cinderella became another Disney masterpiece. It easily grossed the production costs. Like Snow White, Cinderella became a huge success. So huge that in its wake, Disney could finance further movie projects and start building Disneyland. Splash Mountain is only due to Cinderella, so we want to say: Thank you!

Sure enough, we have some fan merch for Cinderella in our EMP Online Shop. There's a Cinderella dress showing the scene where she arrives at the castle, a top with Cinderella and her Prince Charming, Cinderella as Funko Pop! - as sweet princess or as cheeky nerd with glasses - and a golden armlet by Disney Couture with detailed ball scene on the front half. This makes you feel like a princess in any case. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!

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