Children Of Bodom Albums on CD & Vinyl

They started under the name of Inearthed, but 4 years later, they changed their name to Children Of Bodom. Fronter Alexi Laiho chose to act that way in order to avoid contractual problems with an existing deal: by renaming his band, the band could sign the contract with the Finnish label Spinefarm. After that, things got better and better, and Laiho felt he was on the right musical track, confirmed by the success of albums like "Follow The Reaper", "Hatebreeder", and "Hate Crew Deathroll". Children Of Bodom had a ground-breaking role within the realm of Melodic Death Metal, with singer and guitarist Laiho as essential asset for the band that was named after a series of murders at a Finnish lake. His unbelievable guitar skills and his constant development leave Children of Bodom in a position beyond all genre classifications. They are a class of their own with a style of their own that has been honed to perfection until today. In their songs, you'll find Melodic Death Metal, Black, and even Thrash elements: that explains their huge fan community which consists of stalwarts from all Metal genres - a legitimate feat because Children of Bodom admittedly are a unique band.
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