Cavalera Conspiracy

A kick in the ass, Brazilian style, that's what you get from Cavalera Conspiracy. Since 2007, the band has been a mainstay in the Thrash and Death Metal scene, which doesn't come as a surprise, for the brains behind the music are the Cavalera brothers, who grant that the songs cannot be anything else than brutal. Their debut "Inflikted" - that was also the band name at first, by the way - they proved that great Death Metal need not necessarily come from Tampa, Florida. The brothers make no prisoners and practically never stop - damn good, really. However, we aren't talking about primitive noise here, but of complex in-your-face songs that are still groovy. Now, that's something others desperately try to achieve. Especially drummer Igor is spectacular. The guy plays at insane tempos and will shatter your bones. With the next album "Вlunt Force Trauma", they topped the first one. It's even more extreme and faster - razor-sharp Thrash, perfectly executed. In 2014, "Pandemonium" followed and was - believe it or not - another improvement.

But let's stop talking about albums! These Brazilians are an impressive live band, too, of course. They directly transfer the power of their songs onto the crowd. Pure energy that crushes everything. If you like aggression with groove elements, you should definitely have a look at our Cavalera Conspiracy EMP Online Shop. We have shirts and CDs for you.

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