Hellish blast beats, awesome tempo changes, heavy riffs and Jeff Walker's deep grunts: Carcass from Liverpool are pure hatred. Nasty in-your-face Grindcore, destroying everything there is. These Englishmen have been around since 1985 and keep delivering killer albums.

Each album features all typical Carcass trademarks, of course: aggressive music, yet not without catchy melodies. The band knows in any case how steel is forged. Records like "Symphonies of Sickness", "Heartwork" or "Reek of Putrefaction" have left decisive marks on extreme Metal. These albums keep spinning on EMP's vinyl player. If you like the group on record, you should also watch them live. When you stand in front of the stage, they won't spare you with their brutal riffs - an incredibly strong live band. In case you love Carcass like we do, go and check our EMP Carcass Online Shop. We have Carcass CDs and caps for you.

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