Callejon are somehow different from other Metalcore bands. The band from Dusseldorf/Germany never competed directly with other German Metalcore bands, for example. There is a casual, friendly tone between the band and their peers - maybe due to the fact that vocalist Bastian 'BastiBasti' Sobtzick has created the artwork for those bands often enough. But that is certainly not the main reason - with Callejon, it is also about a convincing musical performance: serious music with a mischievous grin is the credo of Callejon. "Willkommen im Beerdigungscafé" was released 2006, and two years later, "Zombieactionhauptquartier" marked their breakthrough. But they could even surpass that success by releasing "Videodrom", a killer album the fans had just been waiting for. Their concerts were sold out, and the band was on the winning track. But no career is without bumps, and so, Callejon had to find a new label because their old one didn't understand the interests of the band and couldn't work accordingly. Supported by their new label, they started to work at "Blitzkreuz" which got an immediate #9 in the German charts in June 2012. Versatile as ever, Callejon combined emotions with roughness, this time even more perfect. But Callejon have always liked cover versions, too, and didn't refrain from a walk down German music memory lane... The result being a cover album, "Man spricht Deutsch" (released under the name of Kallejon), an awesome captivating thing, leaving a grin on your face. This band is definitely always good for a joke.

In the EMP shop, we have Callejon merchandise for you: besides their smasher "Blitzkreuz" and the cover album, we also have the old releases and their merchandise, of course.

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