Call of Duty

You are sitting in front of your screen and have a rush of adrenaline. Only one bout to victory - your finger is on the trigger. Do you know this feeling? Yes?! Then you are probably also huge fans of the game series Call of Duty. Whether as part of a team or alone on your own: Call of Duty demands not only skill but also a considerable sense of tact. If you are simply hell-bent to get your own way in this ego shooter, yo are likely to be shot. To prevent this, make arrangements and plans with team members. It's this kind of thrill which has been Call of Duty's trademark since 2003. With each new part of the series, the game becomes more complex. At times, you go back in to the past, another time you stay in the present, and in Advanced Warfare, you visit the future, so the developers always make for diversity.

And let us be honest: What's better than passing your evening in front of the screen playing a few campaigns with your best friends? Even better, there's something to win in Call of Duty, for you can always level up to unlock new items and weapons, which maintains motivation in the long run. Join the virtual battle for fame and honour, check out our EMP Call of Duty Online Shop. We have just the Call of Duty merchandise every fan needs. For example, what about a Sentinel shirt from the Advanced Warfare part? For all those who like it comfortable in front of the screen, we have the Advanced Warfare jogging pants - great thing, isn't it?! So what are you waiting for? Duty calls. And always remember: enemies may lurk behind every corner, so take care and work strategically.

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