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Twenty years is a long time on the metal scene. Bands come and go. Genres fall in and out of favour. Lineups change and record labels switch bands around like pawns on a chessboard. Caliban are true metal survivors and can look back on over a decade of history with pride.

Forged in the small German town of Hattingen, the Caliban boys began their metal odyssey under the name Never Again. Step by step, album by album, they attracted an increasing fan base and drew attention from the media and metal critics. From their debut album A Small Boy and a Grey Heaven to later albums like The Awakening or Ghost Empire, Caliban have grown and evolved but have never lost their knack for penning hit metalcore tracks. In the early days, they used the characteristic metalcore scream style vocals, but with The Undying Darkness, Caliban changed things up by adding clean vocals to the songs. This more accessible sound added variety to their playlist and attracted a new wave of fans. Now Caliban could appear on new stages. They stayed loyal to the classic metal festivals, but branched out and appeared at more mainstream events, too. But no matter where they played, Caliban always drew a big crowd. Their most recent album Gravity, released in 2016, is a melodic masterpiece that shows Caliban - after twenty years - are still a metal powerhouse to be reckoned with.

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