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Bullet For My Valentine’s unashamed approach to doing metal their way paved the way for international success. Their incredibly catchy choruses hook into your brain before a torrent of gnarly guitar thrashing hits you square on… with some face-melting riffs thrown in for good measure. Their first album, The Poison, quickly set them on the path to world domination. Selling over 5 million copies worldwide and racking up over 220 million views on YouTube, B4MV’s mix of mainstream metal, sinister riffs and snarling growls have served them well.

Influences such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Deep Purple seep into their tracks, but Bullet For My Valentine never sound anything other than fresh. Worldwide fame came after the release of their second opus, Scream Aim Fire. Backed up with solid live performances they set themselves apart from other metal scene bands trotting out formulaic riffs and staid songs. Their third album, Fever, firmly stamped B4MV’s place in music’s hall of fame. But the band weren’t going to stop there. Fourth album Temper, Temper (CD | deluxe edition CD), revealed another string to the band’s metallic bow and delivered bigger hooks and heavier tunes than ever before. With their fifth album, Venom (CD | deluxe edition CD | CD boxset | vinyl), Bullet For My Valentine revealed they were going back to their thrash metal roots. Looking back to their debut album, they injected the much loved thrash elements and the fans went wild.

In April 2017, lead singer Matt Tuck signalled that the boys were back in the studio. Tweeting the teaser online, Matt said: “Here we go again. #BFMV6”

While we wait for B4MV’s sixth studio album, EMP’s got all the Bullet For My Valentine merchandise you need to pass the time while the Welsh boys pen more slammin’ tracks.

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