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50, science teacher, married, one son - the life of Walter White senior couldn't be more normal. But then a shocking diagnosis changes Walt's life forever: he has lung cancer. Walter soon realises that his salary as a teacher won't be enough to support his family after his death. His final goal: earn money - fast. Accompanying his brother-in-law Hank on a DEA operation, Walt learns that his former pupil, Jesse Pinkman, is a drug dealer. Desperate for money, he sees a way out that would provide financial security for his pregnant wife, Skyler, and his disabled son, Walter Jr. Forcing Jesse to cook crystal meth with him, the cash starts flowing, and the duo begin a dangerous journey into the criminal underworld.

Walt, having cultivated his criminal alter-ego Heisenberg, creates a strain of meth that’s 99.1% chemically pure. It’s the purest ever to hit the streets, but its growing cult status causes big problems for Heisenberg and Jesse. In the words of their lawyer, Saul Goodman (who would later go on to star in his own spinoff, Better Call Saul): “basically, you two suck at peddling meth. Period.” With their infamy growing and Walt’s DEA brother-in-law, Hank, investigating the mysterious newcomers who’ve taken over the New Mexico meth scene, Heisenberg and Jesse can’t avoid having blood on their hands to keep their business a secret. But how long will that work out?

Breaking Bad’s tumultuous ride of drugs, death, riches and cliffhangers will have you binge-watching the episodes again and again. Immersed in Walt’s world, you’ll swing from cheering him on to loathing him as he metamorphoses from blundering science teacher to remorseless crime lord. Swept up in the drama, you’ll be laughing, crying, screaming, and most importantly of all, doing a Jesse Pinkman and starting and finishing every sentence with ‘bitch’ - bitch!

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