With their album "After The Eulogy", Boysetsfire have written post-Hardcore history. The piercing 'Rise!' yelled by vocalist Nathan on the opening song of the second studio album released by the US boys is a lasting memory for everyone who ever heard it. 1994, the band started in quaint Newark in the state of Delaware just to fight boredom and to add some spice to the daily routine. But Boysetsfire became well-known pretty fast and toured the country almost permanently. "Tomorrow Come Today" marked a new twist on their musical path - Boysetsfire delivered a sound leaning more towards the Metal side - and pulled that off pretty good, too. "The Misery Index" was their last album before the boys decided to call it quits - Boysetsfire separated. But as time went by, the band members noticed that the band still meant a lot to them... Which resulted in a Boysetsfire reunion show 2010 in Germany. After a few gigs, they started writing the songs for "While A Nation Sleeps...". The new era of Boysetsfire proves clearly that roughness and melody can be a perfect match.

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