Satisfy your soul with EMP’s range of Bob Marley merchandise. This Jamaican singer-songwriter and guitarist is one of the most iconic figures in music and our selection of Bob Marley merch gives fans the chance to show their love for this reggae god. Worried about getting a gift for a fan of the Rastafarian reggae rebel? Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright: we’ve got everything you need from Bob Marley t-shirts and hoodies to flags, posters and mugs.

Looking for something Marley-inspired to decorate your walls with? You wouldn’t be the first one…get your hands on this Marley and lion profile sketch flagor this printed flag that shows his enthusiasm for d’erb, or take a look at this Bob Marley faces framed collector print. Or, if you’re buying a gift for a smoker in your life, this Bob Marley ZIPPO lighter would make a great practical gift for when... well...he/she needs to light something up.

Marley certainly never made a secret of his support for cannabis use, and was even arrested for possession of it in 1968. Unfortunately, this led to many misconceptions about his character and beliefs. In truth Marley was both a pacifist and an activist. In today's world, he'd be described as broad-minded; his message was mainly about personal freedom and standing up for your rights when anybody sought to take them away.

In some ways, his honesty on controversial topics such as cannabis has created a distraction from his musical career, and there are many younger people who see him only in terms of being an activist, unaware of his massive and influential musical talents. Marley’s music is important and must be remembered because it truly is remarkable. Bob Marley's life was too brief, but what he achieved in his 36 years is inspirational and this legend will forever live on here at EMP.

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