A damn big fish from Sweden: Bloodbath. The band is considered to be a Death Metal super group for a reason, namely because of their members: Bloodbath feature musicians from Paradise Lost and Katatonia in their ranks - über-musicians, one might say. The group's first EP "Breeding Death" already showed how incredibly ballsy this stuff is. Prominent riffs, thundering drums and catchy in-your-face arrangements. However, the band has still progressed throughout the years. Today, Bloodbath's focus has shifted from catchy tunes towards extreme tempo changes and sophisticated playing. That's simply because they are such good instrumentalists. Albums such as "Nightmares Made Flesh" or "The Fathomless Mastery" are definite proofs for this.

Each Bloodbath song goes straight into your bones and leaves you overwhelmed for the time being. Only after repeated listening, you start seeing through the structures and discover all the details within the compositions - a true feast for fans of technical Death Metal. Singer Nick Holmes just fits into this picture. The album "Grand Morbid Funeral" is a remorseless assault on your ears, and what else shall we say? This band is brilliant, plain and simple! If you love Bloodbath like we do, head to our EMP Bloodbath Online Shop. We have Bloodbath shirts and CDs for you.

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