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Germany’s Blind Guardian’s journey from being a speed metal band to becoming prog rock legends has been a long and storied one. Ten musicians have formed part of their history, including singer-songwriter Hansi Kürsch, guitarists André Olbrich and Marcus Siepen, and drummer Frederik Ehmke.

Having made their mark in metal and progressive music, the four-piece’s albums have been frequently lauded by the world’s rock press. Renowned for their intense songwriting and emotionally driven riffs, Blind Guardian are considered one of Germany’s finest musical exports.  

The band’s fantasy world lyrics are largely derived from genre fiction writers and are composed by singer-songwriter Hansi Kürsch - the self-appointed ‘bard’ of the band, who have gone on to inspire tons of modern metal bands such as Heaven Shall Burn - who repaid the favour with a cover of “Valhalla” from Follow the Blind.

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