Black Veil Brides

They are absolute working horses: Almost every year, Black Veil Brides release another new album, yet if you think these Americans prefer quantity over quality, you are definitely mistaken. With their debut "Knives and Pens", they proved right away that they are Post Hardcore naturals. Of course, front man Biersack and Co. developed further after their first album and delivered more smashers in the shape of "Fallen Angels", "The Legacy", "Coffin" or "Heart of Fire", all of which show how well the boys are progressing. With every new record, the songs become more complex and at the same time catchier - a damn nifty balancing act that these chaps pull off.

Whoever puts out such great albums has to be a superb live band, too - and this is what Black Veil Brides indeed are. Singer Biersack in particular makes for a monstrous show. If you are standing in front of the stage, you simply have to freak out. Over-the-top music, cool players and an even cooler atmosphere: Black Veil Brides are the kings of Post Hardcore. In case you love them like we do, please visit our Black Veil Brides EMP Online Shop. We have Black Veil Brides shirts, CDs and mugs for you. Stay heavy!

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