The geniuses in the EMP labs have been working on one hell of a project: this awesome range of Big Hero 6 merchandise featuring everybody’s favourite personal health adviser - Baymax! Baymax is just as likeable as he is large, plus he has the power to save the day… as long as he can fit through the door! For Baymax fans, we have a great collection of Big Hero 6 merchandise, including exclusive Big Hero 6 Baymax merch, including these cute Baymax pyjamas and this Baymax head dress, which is exclusively available ONLY at EMP. We’ve even got an awesome Big Hero 6 bomber jacket – it’s one of the trendiest items in our shop and we can guarantee your friends won’t have one like it! If, like Hiro, you want to be able to keep Baymax by your side at all times, pick up a Baymax Funko Pop! figure or grab a Baymax t-shirt – just look down and there he is!

While the big marshmallow-like robot Baymax is the star of the movie, he wouldn’t exist without 13 year old Hiro Hamada and his brother Tadashi. Hiro is obsessed with illegal bot fights, while his brother works on a robot health advisor designed to save human lives: Baymax. After Tadashi’s death in a fire at his university, Hiro turns harmless Baymax into an armoured superhero to help investigate the tragedy - cue chaos and mishaps!

Big Hero 6 is based on the Marvel comic book series of the same name and the software used for the animation of the movie took more than 200 million computing hours to make. But we’re glad so much time was spent on the project or we’d never get to hear that immortal phrase: “hello, I am Baymax, your personal health companion!”

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