Better Call Saul

"S'all good, man", Jimmy McGills used to say, thus creating his own alias: Saul Goodman, the talkative, slightly dubious but still amiable lawyer from the series Better Call Saul. As die-hard fans know, this character actually comes from the cult series Breaking Bad, yet after its ending, many viewers threatened to die from sudden withdrawal, so a spin-off was created. It deals with the lawyer's life six years before he will encounter Walter White. In the first season, Saul still goes under his real name Jimmy McGills. He is an unsuccessful lawyer and constantly broke, but maintains his ethical maxims. Besides, he is caring for his brother Chuck, a former bigwig in a law firm. Chuck now suffers from electro-sensibility and never leaves the house. Time and again, Jimmy gets involved with criminals - partly by coincidence, partly intentionally. He falls to questionable methods, thus running afoul with the law and his own moral views. The series might be a spin-off, but is more than a cheap copy of Breaking Bad. It's simply brilliant, just like Saul himself. The second season has just begun, and you find the corresponding fan merch in our EMP Online Shop. We have t-shirts, a cool poster, tote bags for your next secret money transfer and of course the first season of Better Call Saul on DVD as well as Blu-ray.

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