Betontod had to be very patient, touring all the little places until finally they could appear on the big stages in Germany. After their first steps (1990) in the small-town idyll of Rheinberg, Betontod and their kind of Punk raised some rebellions - and not only in their hometown. With "Hier kommt Ärger", "Stoppt uns wenn Ihr könnt", or "Schwarzes Blut", Betontod paved their way into the credible halls of Punk, including the respective scene festivals, amounting to 500 gigs altogether in the meantime. The band always convinces with an honest attitude, rocking songs, and a fascinating closeness to their fans - but the commercial success and the appreciation long overdue only came with the album "Entschuldigung für Nichts". Oliver Meister and his combattants showed courage and added some more facets to the musical spectrum of Betontod with Ska and Metal parts which led to a considerable increase of their fan community. Since then, Betontod haven been invited regularly to all relevant festivals: these fan favourites always deliver - be it fun, action, or a great atmosphere.

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