A great mix of Venom, Samael, Celtic Frost, and a huge load of originality - that's Behemoth. The Black Metal trio saw the light of day in 1991 in Gdansk - in the meantime, Behemoth has become one of the most popular representatives of Black Metal, and rightly so. Albums like "Sventevith", "Grom", or "Thelema.6" are absolute masterpieces and must-haves in any record collection.

Of course, the musical style of Behemoth has changed with the growing number of albums under their belts, from pure Black Metal into the depths of dark, fast-paced Death Metal. Nevertheless, they have never lost their important trademarks on the way: brutality. gloominess, speed, and roughness. A Behemoth live show is always a wild spectacle: apart from the great music, you may experience the destruction of a bible or similar stuff - the boys really live their music, and you can feel this during every second. In case you dig dark Death Metal, you should definitely check out our EMP Behemoth Online Shop. We have various Behemoth CDs, shirts, and hoodies in store - keep it brutal!

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