The Bambi merchandise at EMP is every bit as sweet as the movie and its characters.  No matter whether it’s Bambi the baby deer, Thumper the bunny, Flower the skunk, Faline the fawn that later becomes the mother of Bambi’s children, or the entire group of forest creatures which appeals to you, we have something for every Bambi fan. 

Always popular in our Bambi range are our adorable Bambi dresses featuring Bambi getting comfortable in a flower design, Thumper chilling with some butterflies, and an assortment of other woodland critters. These items, and others such as this Bambi floral kimono and our Disney Couture Bambi jewellery are exclusive to EMP and can’t be found anywhere else in Europe!

A vintage drawing of Bambi, Thumper and Flower from the forties adorns this Bambi coffee cup – perfect for drinking your morning coffee in your hooded Thumper bath robe.

When Bambi first teetered across the screen back in 1942, the average viewer would not have known that Disney had tinkered with the film since the 1930s before finally releasing it.  The company devoted three-quarters of its production staff to exclusively work on the movie in order to perfect their vision down to the last detail.  The animated films Pinocchio, Dumbo and Fantasia were seen by the world before Bambi; all four films remain timeless classics, but Bambi holds a special place in many hearts – whoever says they weren’t delighted by the adorable fawn’s clumsy first steps or cried their eyes out when Bambi’s mother died is either lying to you or made of stone.

Did you know Bambi was poorly received at the time of its release? Now, however, it’s celebrated as one of Disney’s crowning achievements. Continue to celebrate this classic film with EMP and our range of Bambi merchandise.

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